mysqldump —Database Backup Program

Windows command promt:

To go a drive, just need to write the drive name such as > D:
To access directory D:\>cd directory_name such as  D:\>cd test_directory
To access file D:\>cd directory_name\file_name such as D:\>cd test_directory\test.php

To access upper directory [D:\users\devel2\test>cd..] the output will be  [D:\users\devel2>]

To dump mysql db table: F:\xampp\mysql\bin\mysqldump -h localhost -u root -p dxlogin users > users.sql

F =  is the drive name where xampp is installed,
-h localhost = mysql host name
-u root = mysql user name
-p = mysql password
dxlogin = database name
users = table name
users.sql = the sql file that will be dumpped.

reference site url for mysql dump